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As an ordinary low-class male japanese teenager, find out the intricate consequences of your actions in the destiny of three cursed families. Filled with high quality art, CG's, some partial voice acting and three girls to pursue, the game also features many things you can achieve for everyone's future.


Main plot:

Centuries ago, the Emperor personally hosted a ceremony where a loyal samurai was celebrated for his deeds. He was deemed a hero, and tales of his epic exploits would be told for many generations. His three sons were very proud of their father, but they never shared a good relationship with each other, always fighting to see who was the favorite. After his last heroic deed, he suddenly fell ill. People soon thought it was a curse brought by a sin from a past life, or maybe from his sons' arrogance, as no doctor was able to treat him. A few years passed, and he wasn't able to stand anymore. Money, fame, honor, but in the blink of an eye, he lost it all, and inevitably, as the strife between his sons grew, rumors quickly spread.

Like wildfire, stories were spun. The samurai's reputation and popularity took a massive hit. His health soon followed... His death fed the rift in his family. The sons of the samurai, deeply offended by the equal inheritance split, changed their surnames. Each went on their own path, ditching their father's legacy. Most notably, they never visited his grave.

However, peace was not in the Son's future. Haunted by wraiths and death, each generation suffered. Decades later, at the current present, an ordinary schoolboy will have a powerful effect in their destiny. For better, or worse.


Examples of decisions and accomplishments:

• Will you break the curse that's been harrassing the families for decades? Or will you bring them to ruin? Get them killed? Or even get yourself killed?

• Should you survive, will you manage to find a girlfriend and make her happy? (That is, if you didn't get your love interest killed while saving yourself) Or will you break her heart?

• But what about your career and future plans? Mustn't forget about that, right? There are many opportunities for a youngster. The path you take may lead you into becoming a cook, a scientist, a professional guitar player, a miserable industry worker, an unemployed and homeless beggar or even a CEO of a large company! Well, let's hope your decisions bring you a bright future!


Additional features:

• Two playable characters! After you complete the first playthrough, find out more about the plot behind the scenes as you play as the daughter of a rich, powerful family. She herself also has her own storyline, endings and choices to make!

• Forget lame instant "Bad ending" screens. Should you screw up, the story will go on. At the end, you'll receive a rank based on what you achieved. This, however, does not apply if you get yourself killed, but even if it comes to worst, you'll still get a glimpse of what the future holds for who's still alive.

• Alternate Views -- Temporarily play as another character to see their point of view in a pre-determined scene.

• An extensive music gallery. The demo already has 25 tracks, but I plan on adding many more.

• Main menu item unlocks. Remember the best moments of the novel whenever you visit the main menu!


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Spring Breeze WINDOWS - Demo 2 (01/02/2017) 388 MB
Spring Breeze MAC - Demo 2 (01/02/2017) 386 MB
Spring-Breeze-1.6-linux.tar.bz2 387 MB

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